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There is only so much that we can explain in snappy headlines on our website. You can find everything you and your organisation needs to know about Siilo right here: security certificates, legal documents and whitepapers. ⬇️⬇️

Regulatory Guidelines for Messenger Apps in the UK

A legal white paper produced for British professionals. This white paper is the result of a collaboration with Mission de Reya, a British law firm.
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Security Protocols and Siilo

This is a white paper for security- and information-technologists. We explain the protocols and technologies used for the mobile apps and have included our threat model.
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GDPR - Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

This DPIA is to help you understand how Siilo is handling personal information. In this document, we hope to explain in detail what, how and why we process certain information, what risks are involved with that and how we make sure that risks are avoided, minimized and properly managed.
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WhatsApp Doc?

Healthcare staff who are trying to increase their productivity, and support staff who are trying to use technology to take the best possible care of their patients default to WhatsApp. Security and data protection is likely to be the driving concern for executives of health organisations.
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GDPR - Processor Agreement

A GDPR compliant processor agreement between Siilo and her users. You can download and share this with your colleagues.
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Our Guide to Siilo Messenger

This manual will help you and your colleagues with the installation, permissions and important features of the Siilo Messenger app.
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