The free secure messaging app for medical team players.

Coordinate care by creating direct messaging groups around patients, or discuss challenging cases with peers. It’s 100% confidential.

Messaging as you know it.

If you’re familiar with WhatsApp, you’ll know how to use Siilo. Download Siilo from the app store yourself and use it instantly with your team.

Privacy & security 100% guaranteed.

All information is sent and stored fully encrypted. Your messages are kept separate from other data on your phone and they will be automatically deleted after 30 days. No one gets in, except you.

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Nifty features for the healthcare pro.

Create threaded case conversations and export them to your electronic health record. Respect privacy by blurring patient pictures and draw arrows for clarification.

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Grow your network.

Instantly find your connections in your chat list, communicate with colleagues from your organization via the network tab, and connect with people outside of your network by searching Siilo’s verified user base.

For healthcare organisations: Siilo Connect.

Siilo Connect is our subscription service for organisations to help them turn a continuous data breach into an opportunity for their patients that will receive faster, better and safer care.

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The siloed structure of healthcare is old-fashioned as we’re moving into the era of ‘network medicine’. Because the single most important thing in collaborative networks is reliable communication, we set out to develop medtech tools to help medical team players communicate more efficiently.

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Medical team players download Siilo for free.

Check the requirements to run Siilo

For healthcare organisations there’s Siilo Connect