Siilo for Organisations

Use Siilo within your organisation

Sillo for Organisations is a paid subscription for organisations and associations that want to communicate in a closed network and allows members to find and connect to each other.

Organise, manage and direct your communications

With Siilo for Organisations you can facilitate the usage of Siilo as your primary messenger, to replace, for example, unsecure messengers in your organisation. 

It gives you the opportunity to create a network on Siilo, in which you can easily collaborate with each other. It also allows your organisation to reach all or selected groups of members all at once.

Benefits of Siilo for Organisations

  • A secure messenger that is compliant with the GDPR. 
  • A closed network and features adapted to your organisation
  • SCIM API integration for members of your network.
  • Admin tool for your network.
  • Processor agreement at organisational level.
  • Guidance from start to finish with regards to implementation, training of employees/​members, promotion, and onboarding.

This is how it works

Once your organisation will implement Siilo for Organisations, a network will appear within the Network tab in the Siilo app of all the employees or members of your organisation. From there, users will be able to see and browse all content and contacts from your network. 

Share important information with the right people

In your network you can easily access relevant topics and posts, so that nothing escapes your attention – or to make sure everyone within your network is up to date. 

You can ask questions, raise important topics or discuss cases. It’s up to you how to structure your network and which content should be shown.

Use topics to categorise your content

We can create different topic-tabs depending on the characteristics of your organisation and based on your preferences. For example Guidelines, Cases’, Webinars’, Insights & ideas’. Within a topic, you will see the posts connected to this section.

Admin Tool

If you become an administrator of your network, you will have access to the Siilo for Organisations Admin Tool. Here you can manage your network and:

  • Choose colours, add the organisational logo and decide what topics to use. We will help you customise your network.
  • Get insights in user statistics.
  • Invite, add or remove members. 
  • Add organisation specific profile fields to the individual members, such as department, work days, etc.
  • Broadcast and narrowcast to the members of your network.

Ready to start a network together?

Do you want to start your network right away or do you have some more questions? This is the way to go:

  1. Get into contact by filling in the form.
  2. We will schedule a video call to provide you with tailored advice, a brief and simple product demonstration and to present you with an offer.

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Check out our FAQ page for common issues!

We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your data to any 3rd party.

Frequently Asked Questions

🔹 How secure is Siilo for Organisations?

Siilo for Organisations offers you the possibility of working in a network on Siilo: The secure communication app for healthcare professionals. Siilo is guaranteed to meet the highest healthcare compliance standards.

Furthermore it provides added compliancy through a processor agreement.

🔹 How will the network be a success?

In order for a network to function well, it is important that every team member participates in the network. It is essential to have a good launch and proper promotion of the network. 

We will guide you in rolling out the network and you will be able to take advantage of our experience of creating more than 1000 networks. 

🔹 What kind of organisations use Siilo for organisations?

Siilo for organisations is suitable for teams, clinics, departments, hospitals, associations and regional networks. You can get started from as few as 30 employees.