Evaluating Siilo

Bringing Siilo to your organisation is a step towards higher security and compliance for you and your colleagues. However, recommending Siilo as a secure messaging alternative to WhatsApp means having an understanding of what Siilo can offer to fit your needs.

To help you make that decision, there are four steps you can take:

1. Review how Siilo addresses security and compliance. 

2. Understand how Siilo’s functionalities compliment your way of working.

3. Plan your internal communications.

4. Reach out to Team Siilo for further support.

How does Siilo handle security and compliance?

Siilo meets all the necessary technical requirements that data protection authorities place on messenger services in hospitals. Siilo is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, the most internationally recognised standard for information security, as well as compliant with NHS Information Security Policy requirements.

Review our ISO certificate, find other international certifications on our Security webpage, and deep dive into our Security Whitepaper to understand how we build our app in line with healthcare data protection requirements.

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> Security
> Siilo Security Whitepaper

What functions can Siilo offer my employees?

Siilo feels as familiar as any other messenger. It’s easy and intuitive to use with a host of different features built specifically for healthcare professionals. For more insights into how specific functions can benefit your staff, check out the Siilo Messenger page, our Help Centre, or our case studies on St. George’s University Hospital and IGPNEA. Additional questions we often get asked are listed below:

How does Siilo address Mobile Device Management?
As a free mobile app, Siilo can easily be downloaded on both personal and work devices, depending on your organisation’s requirements. Siilo meets all the requirements of medical device management, making it the app of choice by DPOs to replace WhatsApp and SMS. We can assure you that employees downloading Siilo for use on personal phones enjoy the same high level of data protection as on work-issued devices, but we’re happy to assist you in pre-installing Siilo onto any work devices issued by your organisation. 

To learn more about pre-installation on work devices, you can contact your Siilo Specialist directly or email us at info@​siilo.​com.

What does verification mean on Siilo?
Every user on Siilo goes through our mandatory verification process. We cross-check the identity of all new users to ensure they are who they say they are, so you can feel confident about who you’re talking to. Only verified users have access to some of Siilo’s most valuable features, like the Siilo Medical Directory. Learn more about Siilo’s verification process here.

Can I use Siilo Messenger on a tablet instead of a mobile phone?
Siilo is primarily a mobile app and therefore accounts are linked to a telephone number. However, with assistance from Team Siilo, you can download Siilo for tablet usage. This option is only activated for customers who have signed a contract with us. 

After downloading the app on the tablet, you will be asked for a password and username. This access data must be assigned by Siilo and can only be shared upon request. Please include in your email to info@​siilo.​com whether the device is a tablet with or without a SIM card.

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> Siilo Feature & Benefits Overview

> St. George’s Case Study


How can I get the word out to download Siilo?

Recommending Siilo to your entire organisation can feel like a big undertaking, but we’re here to help! Here are a few templates to help you reach your staff where they are, whether that’s via email or in the break room. While a processor agreement at an organisational level is not necessary to get started with your rollout, you can review our standard processor agreement below if you’re interested in moving forward with our organisational services.

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How else can Siilo support me with rollout?

If your goal is to make your staff aware of Siilo, then hopefully you’ve found what you needed on this page! If you have further questions or are interested in setting up an organisation network in Siilo, scoping a pilot program, or rolling out a complete onboarding plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!