Case Studies

KAVA Pharmacists in better and more direct contact through Siilo

The Royal Pharmacists’ Association of Antwerp (KAVA) addresses inefficient communication to and between pharmacists via Siilo’s collaborative discussion tiles.

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Coordinating Altrio regional offices and home health nurses in the field with Siilo

Altrio regional coordinators use Siilo to facilitate patient transfers and follow-up communication between home health nurses in Belgium.
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AGIK overcomes geographic barriers with Siilo

The German Society for Interventional Cardiology (AGIK) members use Siilo to securely discuss protocols and patient cases. Learn how AGIK keeps members engaged.
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How Buurtzorg health nurses efficiently exchange information through Siilo

Home care organisation Buurtzorg uses Siilo for efficient information exchange between nurses and healthcare professionals across the region.
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KRH Hannover adopts Siilo for real-time internal communication

Klinikum Region Hannover (KRH) is one of the largest municipal clinic groups in Germany and the largest provider of healthcare services in the Hannover region.
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How NHS Trust, St. George’s University Hospital Introduces Siilo to Enhance Team Communication

Learn how the Orthopaedics Department at St. George’s Hospital uses Siilo to connect medical teams and collaborate on patient cases.
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Siilo Messenger: Secure clinical collaboration across teams, networks and boundaries

Professors Eggebrecht and Nef recount the transformative effect that Siilo Messenger has had on both their clinical practice and their professional development.
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Siilo connects KNMP pharmacists across the Netherlands

Royal Dutch Pharmacists’ (KNMP) chat group Apothekers; Over de muren’ brings over 2.000 pharmacists together to solve everyday problems for their patients.
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Faster and more cost effective care in hospitals

Mobile messaging is a common tool in medicine. Professionals in the UK know that a secure option is needed and are actively searching for a solution.
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Healthcare challenges require simple IT solutions

Healthcare professionals can confidently turn to Siilo as a secure alternative to WhatsApp for messenger use in a clinical setting.
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