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Sinds de lancering in mei 2016, is Siilo de snelst groeiende medische messaging applicatie in Europa, die teams over de hele wereld in staat stelt om samen de zorg uit te oefenen. 

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Amsterdam’s medical messenger app Siilo reveals surge in usage amid pandemic chaos

Silicon Canals -
For co-founder and CEO Joost Bruggeman, the pandemic emphasised the use for his product. But it also made clear which parts were neglected and where there is work to be done.

Corona: netwerkplatforms zorgverleners

De Eerste Lijns -
De Covid-19-crisis heeft ertoe geleid dat zorgverleners over de muren heen’ laagdrempelig informatie uitwisselen via een app.

8 leading Dutch tech startups all set to defeat COVID-19 outbreak

Silicon Canals -
The Dutch tech startup ecosystem is taking every step and using every single opportunity to find ways to combat the atrocities coming in the way due to the pandemic.

Digital doctor demand goes through the roof

Sifted -
The Covid-19 crisis is acting as a catalyst for the whole digital healthcare and telemedicine industry. It’s not only patient-facing apps that are in need right now. Communication tools for doctors are also booming.

HealthTech Companies Rally to Help Provide Free Services to Healthcare Professionals

The Journal of mHealth -
Many technology companies are rallying to provide rapid, and in most cases free, access to solutions and systems that offer the potential to reduce some of the pressure facing healthcare professionals at this difficult time.

Gebruik van Siilo neemt grote vlucht door coronavirus

Medisch Contact -
Verschillende groepen medisch specialisten maken gebruik van Siilo om informatie uit te wisselen die verband houdt met de uitbraak van het coronavirus covid-19.

WhatsApp use in the NHS a ‘privacy and clinical safety timebomb’

mobi health news -
Joost Bruggeman, co-founder of the healthcare messaging start-up Siilo, said that patient data shared on WhatsApp inspired him to develop the Siilo app, which is being used in more than 60 NHS organisations.

NHS trust deploys clinical messenger solution from Dutch startup Siilo

Healthcare IT News -
St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London has begun the rollout of the secure clinical messenger solution Siilo enabling healthcare professionals to share patient information.

Appen met je medische team en specialisten

Zorg van Nu -
Wil je veilig appen over medische gegevens met collega’s in je medische team of specialisten buiten je team? Gelukkig zijn er diverse apps op de markt waarmee je veilig privacygevoelige gegevens kunt delen met andere zorgverleners.

Sneller juiste zorg bij orthopedische klachten via app

ICT & Health -
Patiënten met klachten aan spieren en gewrichten kunnen sneller de juiste zorg krijgen met behulp van een app die huisartsen direct verbindt met een specialist.

Siilo Messenger reaches 140k users

Health Tech Newspaper -
The start up Siilo Messenger has reached a milestone of 140,000 unique users, doubling its user base in less than 12 months.

Siilo injects $5.1M to try to transplant WhatsApp use in hospitals

TechCrunch -
Consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp are not specifically designed with the safe sharing of highly sensitive medical information in mind. This is where Dutch startup Siilo has been carving a niche for itself for the past 2.5 years.

Five Start-Ups Set To Change The Face Of European Healthcare

Forbes -
The leading players in health and medical technology clearly have a profitable future. David Prosser lists Siilo as one of Europe’s most innovative up-and-coming healthcare businesses.

How mobile messaging is providing faster and more cost effective care in hospitals

Digital Health Age -
30% of Dutch doctors have collectively embraced one leading solution. What can the UK learn when it comes to using a secure mobile messenger in healthcare?”

200 doctors at your bedside

Building Better Healthcare -
It is inspiring that doctors can take control of creating their own digital networks among colleagues, independent of their location.”