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KAVA Pharmacists in better and more direct contact through Siilo

The Royal Pharmacists’ Association of Antwerp (KAVA) represents more than 1300 Antwerp and Flemish pharmacists. Since the beginning of this year, KAVA has used Siilo to improve communication between the association and its members, amongst pharmacist peers in the association, and between members and other healthcare professionals in the region.

Problem: inefficient communication between KAVA and pharmacists

Newsletters and announcements via email and post offered little room for interaction between KAVA and its members, and crisis communication was difficult to quickly disseminate through these mediums, too. KAVA therefore decided to look for a future-proof communication platform, where pharmacists could consult each other safely and quickly on patient-related matters, that would also provide two-way channels between the association and its members.

KAVA Nico Capriau Portrait
During our search for an alternative to email and unsecure messengers, we noticed within KAVA that many pharmacists were already familiar with Siilo and were actively using the app. This simplified further adoption of the app at an administration level.”
Nico Capriau, Director of Professional Support KAVA

Solution: sharing information organisation-wide

A private KAVA network within Siilo provides KAVA with a platform where information can be shared with all members of the network. In order to structure the sharing of this information, KAVA has created a number of discussion forums called Tiles”, where information can be read and shared according to topic. KAVA chose four different tiles: Contacts”, Agenda”, News”, and Getting Started”. The KAVA network administrator can allocate posting rights per tile, ensuring that only select users can disseminate information while others can respond or simply read the content.

KAVA Bernard De Ruyck Portrait
Siilo allows us to send alerts to our members. It is also a place for us to share news and documents. For example, we offer our members the latest rules on electronic prescription of medication, as well as our guideline for Siilo’s use.”
Bernard De Ruyck, Director of Informatics and Innovation KAVA

KAVA’s Siilo network complements other communication channels that the association utilises and gives KAVA the opportunity to engage directly in conversation with its pharmacists. Nico Capriau, Director of Professional Support at KAVA, often shares news, urgent announcements and agenda items in the various tiles, and encourages discussions between network members in response. Regular interaction allows for many opinions on important topics to be heard and later incorporated in, for example, the drafting or optimisation of KAVA guidelines and policy rules. 

When COVID-19 was first making its impact in Europe, KAVA asked its members how they implemented new safety measures within their practice. Nearly 100 pharmacists answered with tips and photographs of how they maintain a safe practice, and others were able to learn from these best resources to ensure their own safety and the health of their patients. This kind of immediate conversation and knowledge-sharing on such a wide scale would have been impossible without KAVA’s Siilo network.

KAVA Philippe Van Reeth Portrait
With Siilo, the pharmacist finally has an instrument in his hands that makes it possible to communicate correctly with each other in a GDPR-compliant way. Siilo also allows you to easily get in touch with other care providers outside of the KAVA association. Ultimately, this is an extra communication channel for KAVA that allows us to reach our members directly and quickly and for our members to connect with other providers.”
Philippe Van Reeth, President KAVA

Results: increased interaction between KAVA and pharmacists

The number of active users within KAVA increased by 300% during the first two months of the COVID crisis. On average, 40.000 messages are sent and received per month by members of the KAVA network. Rapid adoption can also be seen in the large amount of interaction in the Spaces tiles. Pharmacists are using Siilo to make their voices heard by KAVA administrators and also to inspire each other in their work. Nico Capriau and Bernard De Ruyck, both responsible for the management of the KAVA network on Siilo, are happy to see the positive reactions of pharmacists. With Siilo, they report having better and more direct contact with their members.

KAVA Nico Capriau Portrait
Members complement each other and/​or contradict each other, elements that should not be underestimated in a discussion. We always take these discussions with us to our meetings and take the input into account. Via Siilo we now see opinions that we otherwise wouldn’t hear.”
Nico Capriau, Director of Professional Support KAVA

How can your organisation implement Siilo?

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