Feature Update: Delete for all, keep chats, verification

Siilo has a fresh update to include delete-for-all functionality, a way to preserve chat threads, and improvements to verification!

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting news here at Siilo: a fresh update and a major messaging milestone. The Siilo community has exchanged 500 million messages! We’re so proud to be your messenger of choice.

To ensure you can continue sending the right messages to the right people, we’ve worked on some updates:

Correct your mistakes with delete-for-all

We’re all human and sometimes we hit send too soon or message the wrong person by accident. The new Delete-for-all function allows you to correct those awkward mistakes: delete one or more messages, or an entire case, for both yourself and the receiver, whether that’s an individual or a group.

Keep the chat threads that matter to you

Siilo deletes your messages automatically after 30 days to protect your data, but maybe you need to save them for later review! With the Keep function, you can preserve a colleague’s chat thread from being purged. Swipe left or long press on the chat thread you want to keep, tap More”, and select Keep”.

Trust and be trusted through verification

We all want to know that the messages we send are getting to the right person. Verifying your identity (and medical credentials) on Siilo guarantees that you are who you say you are, and we’ve made it easier than ever. Over the next month, you will be able to simply tap the card in your profile to get started!

If you’ve already updated to the latest version of Siilo, you may have noticed that our app has an updated look! Read more about how we’ve refreshed our brand to better reflect our mission and values here.

As more and more people continue to use Siilo to simplify communication and connect with colleagues, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our app. If you have any feedback or suggestions, send us a message at Team Siilo.