To keep up with the increasing demand on Siilo, we’ve extended our support hours to answer questions and expedite user verification. Click here to see how your organisation can use Siilo to address Covid-19.

Hi, welcome to Siilo! The free secure messaging app for medical teams

Coordinate patient care through group chats or discuss challenging cases with peers, one-on-one. It’s 100% confidential. 👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏾‍⚕️

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Make the right decisions faster

Healthcare professionals don’t always have the time they need for seeing to patients. Siilo can increase your team’s productivity and help to free up time for patients. Collaborate instantly to cut down on time-to-decision and to exchange richer patient data. 🤝

Keeping patient data safe

We live and breathe GDPR, e‑Privacy and NHS standards. Patient data safety is our top priority, so we take steps to protect your information, no matter where it goes. 🔐

Making your life easier

Siilo isn’t just a messenger app. It’s a digital platform designed to connect healthcare professionals to each other and to make their lives easier. We are constantly working to improve your experience with Siilo. Check out what we’re doing next. 🔎

Free Crisis Management Tool for Organisations

Siilo is currently offering tools to support medical professionals during the COVID-19 emergency for free. Use the compliant messenger to access a closed member directory, coordinate groups, and broadcast messages to ensure all the right people in your hospital and beyond stay informed and connected.

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So, what’s new at Siilo?

We are constantly talking to our users to improve the app and add new features that will help you communicate easily with your colleagues.

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