Why messaging in healthcare?

We need better ways to connect with each other

Healthcare professionals have lots of ways to communicate. Some of them, like pagers and phone calls, need everyone to be free at the same time. Others such as email or fax don’t need people to be present, but they’re not made for instant communication. Sometimes you need answers right away.

Messaging is the perfect middle ground.

Keeping patient data safe and making your life easier

🔒 Security and compliance
We built Siilo for the healthcare community. That means we’re up to date on our security standards so patient data never gets into the hands of people who aren’t supposed to see it.

🤩 User trust
We want any healthcare professional using Siilo to feel confident in our app. Solid connection handling is an essential part messaging. Siilo tells users when their wifi or data connections are weak, so they never have to wonder if their messages made it.

✨ Simple and clean
If you know how to use WhatsApp, you’ll know how to use Siilo. It’s as simple and familiar as that.

Siilo works for healthcare because that’s what it’s built for: use the Secure Camera functionality, discuss challenging cases, create direct messaging groups, search our verified user data base and more. We make professional work easier and more enjoyable to do from one simple platform.

💬 Network medicine for all
Instantly find your connections in your chat list, communicate with colleagues from your organisation and connect with people outside your immediate network. Siilo wants to put the power of expertise in the hands of professionals who need it most.

Safe and secure medical messaging

Studies about messaging and its impact at work are popping up every year. Two major advantages are most often reported: shorter time-to-decision and better-quality decisions. Check out what Dutch GP Bart van Pinxteren has to say about Siilo Messenger.

Switch your teams to Siilo

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