Siilo for Desktop

Access Siilo directly on your PC

Pre-install Siilo for Desktop on all Windows PCs used throughout your hospital for your staff to easily log in from any workstation, ensuring secure continuity of care no matter where they are.

Facilitate compliant collaboration across your hospital from every workstation

To roll out Siilo for Desktop across your organisation, click below to download the installation package.

Peter de bruyne
Distributing Siilo directly to our hospital workstations ensures that the app is available to everyone on shift, no matter where they are in the hospital.”
Peter De Bruyne, Director of ICT at Sint Trudo Hospital

Siilo for Desktop provides your team with its most essential tools

Secure Messaging

Staff can exchange messages, photos, videos, and files with complete end-to-end encryption. The app is QR code-protected and requires a Siilo mobile account to log in at any location.

Improve your workflows

Your team can access key features of the Siilo app directly on desktop without hassle, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly on the go.

Exclusive member directory

Connect all staff without exchanging personal details with a dedicated, searchable member directory. Users can search for contacts by specialisation, location, and more.

Share images and files from your computer

Staff can upload images, scans, and files directly from the computer and send them to colleagues via chat, allowing for easy follow-up in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Siilo for Desktop work?

Just like Siilo Web, our browser-supported version of Siilo, Siilo for Desktop allows users to access the same features and tools in the mobile app. Additional security functionality has been created to protect your information on desktop, such as an automatic privacy screen after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Log in to Siilo for Desktop with ease at any PC workstation throughout your hospital. Simply scan the QR code with your mobile Siilo app’s QR code scanner.

Can I install Siilo for Desktop as an individual?

Currently only IT departments at Siilo’s client hospitals and organisations can download and install Siilo for Desktop. It cannot be installed by individual users.

What operating system supports Siilo for Desktop?

Siilo for Desktop is available via MSI installer for use in managed Windows environments. At the moment, we do not support macOS.

Can I purchase Siilo for Desktop?

Siilo for Desktop comes as part of our paid packages at the client’s request. It cannot be purchased for independent use. If you want to use Siilo on your personal computer, check out Siilo Web.

Does Siilo for Desktop update automatically after it is installed?

Siilo for Desktop does NOT update automatically. To make sure the app is up-to-date, IT admins need to download and install the latest version of Siilo for Desktop. We allow IT admins to download and review any updates to the app before rolling them out in their organisation.

I tried to install Siilo for Desktop, but I received a security notice. What do I do now?

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen can show a security notice because the Siilo app is relatively new and hasn’t built up a reputation yet within Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. The exact content of this notice can differ, but it may mention that it prevented an unrecognised app from starting” or that it reported that this app is not commonly downloaded”. The notice should always correctly show that the app was signed and distributed by Siilo Holding B.V. You can proceed with running the app, and it will not harm your device.

I received a security notice when trying to make a voice or video call. Why is that?

When using voice/video-calling functionalities, Microsoft Windows Defender Firewall may show a security notice. Voice/​video calling requires network connections that require additional firewall permissions. Siilo only accesses your microphone and/​or camera when you are making these calls, so you can safely give Siilo permission to communicate with your networks.

I’m having some trouble not addressed here. Who can I contact for help?

Reach out to your organisation’s Siilo Specialist, who can provide you with direct assistance, or get in contact with Team Siilo via chat!