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Siilo is Growing

With the New Year still crisp and you hopefully rested after a well deserved break, we welcome you back online to Siilo! 

The past year has again been a challenging one, but there’s a great wisdom that says that humanity learns and gains the most when times get hard. We embrace that wisdom, because hów we have learned and grown together! 

In 2021 the international Siilo community reached a staggering number of 399.807 active caregivers that engaged to exchange medical knowledge. A growth of 39% relative to 2020. So in the face of an apparent stand-still, we’ve moved beyond what we ever thought possible. 

We wish to continue doing so. In support of you and your invaluable work as a caregiver. We find deep meaning and purpose in this task. It is therefore also a joy to share with you our newest feature: Siilo for Desktop, an app to download directly onto any company workstation, so you always have quick access to the Siilo’s best tools.

Lastly, we wish you and yours abundance and joyous moments this New Year. It has been enriching for us to have you as our valued client and we look forward to continue to work with you and, above all, to learn with you!

On behalf of everyone at Team Siilo,
Joost Bruggeman, Company Founder & CEO