Innovating healthcare together

Healthcare today is pushing professionals to treat more patients with multiple diseases and increasingly complex treatments in less time. This is due to an increased rate of innovation in disease treatments. There is simply not enough time for these busy healthcare professionals to keep up with these latest innovations and technologies.

Life science companies bring innovations, but lack interaction with the healthcare professionals at scale. While these professionals have crystal clear insights on what works in the clinic and what doesn’t. The classic approach for their interaction has been: buy my stuff’, but this approach has lost its effectiveness in today’s noisy (clinical) world.

Let’s rethink the collaboration between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and life science companies (LSCs). Let’s stop sending and receiving and let’s aim for collaboration and synergy.

Two cultures, one goal

We need each other to move forward. To do so, we will have to get closer to each other. We believe this is possible with the help of Trusted Networks: collaborative and educational digital rooms where HCPs and trusted partners come together to share knowledge and to work together. In this way, we can bring healthcare on a large scale to a higher level.

Siilo offers such a Trusted Network. This is our manifest.

  1. Knowledge sharing without barriers
    In our Trusted Network, everyone is open and transparent. Knowledge sharing occurs without obstacles, prejudices, personal interests or other noise. And there is always room for criticism.
  2. Added value for all parties
    Our Trusted Network is reciprocal. There is balance: everyone comes to get and bring time, knowledge and/​or experience. And everyone’s opinion, input or experience is just as important as anyone else’s.
  3. Focus on the content
    Our Trusted Network brings people together from different angles and facilitates the dialogue, which is always professional. Content is always valuable and educational; there is no place for flat ads.
  4. Respectful and honest
    Within our Trusted Network, there is plenty of room for different points of view and insights, as long as everyone remains respectful and honest. There is no room for malpractice, such as bribing authors and abusing the platform to approach certain parties.


More cooperation and knowledge sharing between HCPs and LSCs provides enormous opportunities. However, this form of cooperation is not yet common practice and presents challenges. For example, around IP, financing, cultural differences, privacy and the risk of context collapse. Given the added value for the collective ánd the individual parties, we are convinced that we can meet these challenges within Siilo, a Trusted Network for innovating healthcare together.