User guide

Team Collaboration with Siilo Messenger

Learn how to search the Siilo Medical Directory to connect with new contacts, understand how to get the most out of your organisation’s network, and set up groups to collaborate with colleagues.

How to search for colleagues outside of organisation

The Siilo Medical Directory makes it easy and quick for you to find other professionals outside of your current network. You can search for new connections by name, field of expertise, location, and more to open up a one-on-one or group chat. This video shows how to find the Medical Directory and search for relevant healthcare professionals.

Organisational network

Once your organisation has started using Siilo, a new network will be created in the Spaces tab. Here you will be able to easily find your colleagues in one place and collaborate through direct messaging without the hassle of exchanging personal details. This video explains how to start a chat from your organisation’s address book in the Spaces tab.

How to create a group

Groups chats are a great tool for improving collaboration between you and multiple colleagues. A group thread is a place where you can share knowledge efficiently and discuss patient cases with the relevant people.