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Mieke Luten’s Endurance Race Blog

General Practitioner and Expedition Medic Mieke Luten is going to Kenya, where she will lead the medical part of the Migration Gravel Race (MGR), a four day Stage Race through the Maasai Mara. After that, she will ride the Evolution Gravel Race in Tanzania herself. Scroll down for Mieke’s travel blog.

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“Karibu Kenya!”

June 17th

It’s late, I’m lying in bed, a third night in Nairobi already. Outside you can hear the birds and crickets an although you can’t hear them, I do have vivid proof of mosquitoes as well.

After a long journey with some delays because of a broken plane at Schiphol Airport, and power outages at Nairobi Airport (welcome to Africa) I arrived in Kenya two nights ago.

A lot has been done since. I met up with the team, which has been a warm welcome and I’ve been made feel at home straight away. The Amani Project has an amazing crew, they work together with Savage Wilderness and the indigenous Maasai people for this race and lot’s get done. I’m impressed by the team and the way they are organised. The days have been filled with running final but essential errands, from charging trackers to stamping race caps. And I’ve met up with the other doctor (who’s got many years in trauma care and events up his sleeve, and I am very happy to be working together). Together we contacted the ambulances, to find out what we have and what not. Everything seems to be in order. We meet up with the ambulances in the Mira tomorrow. Oh, and I even managed to get a short ride in Karura forest, guided by Simon (from Cycle East Africa).

Then today was registration day! Double checking all the information, people getting their race numbers, trackers and goodie bags. Also an actual press conference from several news channels happened, with coverage on national television In the evening too!

Everyone seems very excited!

Tomorrow morning at 6 am we start.
Bikes will be loaded for transport and then we take off together to get to the camp where the race starts. A long day where there’s an approximate 5 – 6 hour drive to the Mara.

Twenge!” (Let’s go!)

‘Watch out, dear! You might get blood all over your shirt.’

June 10th

The Migration Gravel Race is almost starting and with just a few days before the big event I got to answer some personal questions.

Why do I have to challenge myself in a bicycle race over challenging terrain? Why am I not just having a holiday? Last night, as I was lying in bed, I questioned myself briefly about my upcoming undertakings in Kenya and Tanzania. Why do I choose to work when I should be resting? Because I want to, and mostly, because I love it. 

Today, my training was interrupted by two unplanned stops. The first was a fellow cyclist who was standing on the side of the road, which also happened unplanned. He was having troubles with his bike and tubes. His back tire was dead flat. He did have a spare tire though, but he left home without a pump and didn’t quite remember how to fix it. So I took the scene to the side of the road and a pair of dirty hands later, he was good to go again.

About an hour later I stopped again, this time for an elderly lady who tumbled off the dike with her bike. She had hurt herself. Bleeding cuts, some disorientation and she was suffering from the heat of the Dutch sun (yes, for real). I stopped a car and asked a stranger to drive her home. Then I asked another person to bring her bike back. I rode home to get my doctor’s bag and help her first. Watch out, dear!’ she said as I approached her, you might get blood all over your shirt.‘

The encounters ended my training prematurely, but I think I managed to help both strandees today and I was glad I could be of service. So why do I take off alone? To do these things, going away, being able to make and adjust plans as I go, instinctively, and to meet many new people while doing the things I love.

It’s my happy zone, feel free to tag along!

‘Time sometimes creeps up on you and it feels odd preparing for multiple things at the same time.’

May 26th

In 19 days time I fly to Kenya, where I will lead the medical part of the Migration Gravel Race (MGR), a four day Stage Race through the Maasai Mara. Just to only ride the Evolution Gravel Race in Tanzania myself shortly after. 

I know what I’m getting myself into… sort of. 

Last year I rode the MGR in Kenya. An amazing experience and quite tough on the body and the bike. 650 kilometers of unpaved terrain, rocks, washboards, gravel, water crossings, dirt roads, river banks, ditches and dust. Lot’s of shaking for the body, all with some 8000 meters of elevation. Full-on sports and adventure in some of the worlds’ best nature, surrounded by gorgeous likeminded souls. See the official Migration Gravel Race Instagram account for what it’s like. 

But this year, I’m on the other side during the Migration Gravel Race in Kenya. I’ll be the lead Medic of the team, looking after the athletes racing. The organisers upped the game, gained publicity and the Amani Team is growing and getting stronger (more on the Amani Project).

Doubling the participants and international allure, doubling the support and the chance of accidents happening during the race goes up… And this is where the medics come in. Preparing for the race in the past weeks I’ve been working on the script for the medical part, trying to prepare for what could but hopefully will not happen during this race: gear, medication, equipment, timelines, numbers, flowcharts, knowledge. It comes with unexpected challenges. 

One of the major challenges not tackled yet is finding a company that will cover international medical liability. It seems impossible to find one. 

A list of companies not covering this:
VVAA (covering my liability in The Netherlands), practically all health insurers in The Netherlands, JOHO, Seapio (only covering for UK licenced), MBBS (also only UK based), AON, Battleface, MBBS.

With 19 days to go I sort of know what I’m getting into. I’m looking forward to this journey and letting you read along on the way.

For all (expedition medics): during the race there will be a group in Siilo, in case you want to read along, or might have good advice.

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