Siilo in a Nutshell


Here at Siilo we have a purpose. Our team of software devs are going to change the way healthcare teams communicate. We took a look at today’s healthcare system and thought: wait a minute, if a robot called Da Vinci can mimic a surgeon’s hand movements to do an open-heart surgery, why is that same surgeon still having to use a fax machine back at the office? And so Siilo was born: a 100% secure collaborative medical messenger system that lets medical teams practice medicine together. In one word: network medicine!

Here are a few promises Siilo is keeping to its users:

Human-Centered Design

Siilo is a strictly user-focused app. It’s designed and developed first and foremost to satisfy the needs of its users. Here are a few examples of our design features.

Our in-chat ‘cases’ function allows medical professionals to post individual patient cases onto the app. Through this function, dozens of medical professionals can discuss and collaborate on several different patient cases at the same time without any mix up potential. Various user-designed features allow for easier collaboration such as the case folders function and the animated arrows feature for images. The result: optimal patient care.

We also thought that with so much complicated medical content on the app, we knew the user experience needed to have supreme simplicity. So it is seamlessly designed to minimize friction through its effortless, in-app functioning design such as the 3D touch function to access the camera and QR code function.

User Privacy and Professional Confidentiality

We know that medicine and confidentiality go hand in hand, and that’s why it’s at the heart of Siilo’s design features. Every Siilo user creates a unique pin code they must enter when starting up the app or alternatively can use the Touch ID feature instead.

If a medical professional wishes to post a case to the group, using images of a patient they wish to keep anonymous, the blurring function allows the professional to completely control who sees what. We also ramped our security features so that all messages are deleted after 30 days of being posted, as part of the app’s default function. Within that 30-day period, messages are 100% confidential, secure and encrypted.

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Incorporate User Feedback

We love feedback from our users because it allows us to build bigger and better solutions. We ask for direct feedback from users via group messages and email requests, as well from the most experienced Siilo users themselves to come in into our office and show their phones. One such Siilo user -who works as a cardiologist- showed his phone to us. Cardiac ultrasounds were in his WhatsApp groups, which are short videos of max 1, or 2 seconds. The play button is apparently a big button that sits front-and-center over the medical image... And this was silently noted by our Android team. Without writing a user story, planning a sprint session, or getting out the colorful sticky notes, our Android developers built a looping function for videos in our beta-version of Siilo. And it was implemented before he walked out the door. Siilo since then automatically loops all shared videos, because professionals usually need to view these a few times before forming conclusions. And if these videos are short, they don’t want to keep hitting that big-ass play button.

We put our 110,000 users first when it comes to design, privacy and feedback (and we make sure that they meet all the industry standards*).

Join our network. Practice medicine together.

* Siilo is committed to following the ISO 9241-210 international standards framework and guidelines set out by Google material design and Apple.