Preventive medicine

Dr Jonas Salk In Lab 1954

Lege Artis

Early on in our medical careers we watched others taking care of patients and do certain procedures. A lot. We all complained that it takes for ever to go out there. After all, this is why we chose this profession: to do things that make a difference in somebody's life. Although students and residents are oftentimes frustrated by the many times they have to watch before they can progress from human-beings to human-doings, this is the way it works in healthcare. And this is important too, because you learn to practice medicine "according to the law of the art", or "lege artis" in Latin.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Just like learning how to treat other people, the tools that are available to you in medicine can help your patient if handled skilfully. However, when not handled lege artis, those same instruments can quite easily become lethal weapons. When it comes down to BYOD and use your smartphone as a tool in clinical practice, it is very likely that nobody has taught you how to BYOD lege artis. And just like our regular tools, one important pillar to BYOD responsibly, is hygiene. 

Siilo Blogposts

With our blogposts and white papers, we strive to create awareness about our digital hygiene, so that it becomes as natural to us as sanitary hygiene is. That means that sometimes we will delve into the anatomy of your device, the (patho)physiology of internet communications, and discuss the current evidence of different treatments to these illnesses. 

And just like in medicine, it is so much better to prevent illness in the first place.