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How Siilo Makes an Impact in Prenatal Care

We love finding articles about how Siilo is making a difference for medical professionals and their patients. Most recently we were featured in the Journal of Medical Systems, exploring how Siilo can streamline the process for obstetricians dealing with fetal pathology cases.

Physicians all around the world have turned to instant messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp to get in touch with colleagues and discuss patient care, but commercial apps like these just weren’t designed for the security concerns we have when dealing with patient data. The benefits of messenger apps — efficiency, team communication, user friendly design — need to be weighed against the inherent risk to patient confidentiality and medical compliance standards.

A recent article in the Journal of Medical Systems analyses the utility of Siilo, a secure medical messenger, in clinical situations, using a sample case specifically from obstetrics in demonstration. Authors Osnat Ezra et. al describe the process of discovering and treating a pathology finding in a fetus brain and walk readers through the traditional steps taken to get the pregnant woman into an MRI scan. The entire process is fraught with scheduled appointments and indeterminate waiting periods, all of which can be streamlined, even dramatically shortened, if the attending obstetric specialist used Siilo instead.

Osnat Ezra et. al found that Siilo not only curtails wasted time, it also cuts down on how many points critical information travels through before arriving at a decision, reduces potential for misunderstandings, and improves the quality of patient care. When dealing in a field like obstetrics, where time is of the essence, these are all incredible benefits. What’s more, medical professionals can be sure that all of this critical information is protected, unlike with commercial messengers. As Ezra et. all write in the study’s conclusions, Siilo allows the syndication of all medical and logistic factors in the hospital and in the community under one roof’, resulting in efficient and rapid processes.”

We love seeing articles like this about how Siilo is making a real impact in the lives of both medical professionals and patients! If you have stories about the difference Siilo has made in your practice, we want to hear them. Please get in touch at info@​siilo.​com

Try Siilo out for yourself! It’s free to download and use, and as Osnat Ezra et. al so eloquently explain, Siilo helps medical professionals make decisions faster and better. Click here to download.

Read the full article, Ezra O, Toren A, Tadmor O, Katorza E. Secure Instant Messaging Application in Prenatal Care. J Med Syst. 2020 Feb 22;44(4):73.” here.

Siilo declares that it has had no influence on the writing of this report, published February 2020 in the Journal of Medical Systems.