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Learn how medical professionals use Siilo for secure teamwork, case-building and medical networking. 🤝

Siilo is designed for secure, fast decision-making

Security and protection 🔒
No more risk of breaching patient confidentiality. We have international security compliance, end-to-end file transfer encryption, secure one-to-one audio/​video calling and more.

Dedicated to healthcare 🚑
Healthcare-specific features improve efficiency and communication in patient care. Create isolated cases within chat threads and import files directly from EHRs.

Medical networking 👩🏻‍⚕️
Siilo’s verified user base allows you to find specialists outside of your current network. Search for colleagues in the Siilo Medical Directory, view professional profiles and create group chats.

Darren Lui
Siilo has great potential to control and manage major incidents. We’ve seen the benefits of WhatsApp in these situations, but with Siilo the benefits are even greater — it’s highly intuitive, familiar and it’s ready to use.”
Darren Lui, Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon at St George’s Hospital, UK

Take a quick tour of Siilo’s user interface

Our app is designed for efficiency, so you can do what you need to do.


Here you will find all your chats, both one-to-one and group. The small red number in the corner of the icon shows how many unread messages you have.


This is where you can find tools and services. For instance, you can search for your colleagues in the Siilo Medical Directory or in your own organisation network.


In your Settings, you can set notifications, change your PIN code and manage your privacy settings or preferences.

Teamwork is now secure and connected

Capture and store photos securely

You can access your Secure Camera directly from the home screen by pressing down on the Siilo icon. All photos taken through the Secure Camera are stored in the encrypted Photos and Files area of your Siilo app — not in your personal photo library.

Create a case

Create a new case in a chat by tapping on the (+) sign and then on Create case’. By creating a case in a chat, you can store all media and comments about a case together, separate from the rest of your chat. A case can also be easily exported as a PDF file for the EHR.

Edit photos

The Edit’ function gives you two tools to use on photos you want to upload to Siilo. The blur-tool allows you to blur parts of the photo and permanently anonymise them. The arrow-tool creates a red arrow that points out specific details in the photo.

Save important chats

All messages are automatically deleted after 30 days. You can select to save chat threads permanently so that they are not deleted at the end of 30 days. Swipe left on the conversation you want to save, select More’ and then Keep’.

Siilo Web

Sign on to Siilo Web to securely access Siilo from your computer.


Discuss medical cases through private and secure group chats.

Immediate access to your trusted colleagues

Go to Siilo Medical Directory in your Spaces’ tab. Search and connect to verified healthcare professionals on Siilo without the need for contact details. You can use names, field of expertise, location or other profile items to make new connections. Only verified users can access the Siilo Medical Directory. 👥✅

Switch your teams to Siilo

  1. Download the Siilo app and get verified
  2. Invite your colleagues to Siilo
  3. Start collaborating!