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Siilo Messenger launches Desktop App for secure messaging throughout cure and care facilities

Siilo Messenger launched its latest feature: Siilo for Desktop. The new desktop app is an additional service in sync with their mobile device based medical messenger. Healthcare professionals can now download and access the app from any workstation in the medical or care facility. ICT departments can install the app integrally throughout the organisation to ensure a GDPR-compliant patient data exchange.

Siilo for Desktop was built at the request of the St Trudo hospital in Flemish Belgium,’ says CEO Joost Bruggeman. As the use of the Siilo app on hand-held devices grew significantly in the facility, it created the need for overall access on regular workstations as well. St Trudo requested Siilo for Desktop in 2020 and it went live after running a number of successful pilots in 2021. Subsequently, we decided to make the app available for all our networks and organisations.’

The success of Siilo for Desktop is caused mainly by the ability to install the app as an organisational feature, rather than to depend on individual downloads on either private or business mobile devices. Having it as the go-to organisational feature, reduces the internal use of unsecure, commercial messengers and therewith the risk of data breaches and data theft, which is a growing priority for medical and care facilities. 

Also, the desktop app allows for a quicker handling of data, especially when it comes to sharing diagnostic material taken from the EPR and supporting diagnostic systems. With access to decent sized keyboards, patient cases are more easily created and exchanged across disciplines and beyond cure or care institutions. The desktop version continuously synchronises with the mobile app, so users have real time access to their daily, online workflow.

Siilo for Desktop can be downloaded for Windows and macOS. In addition, a version for managed Windows environments (enterprise deployment) is available. Since the pandemic, Siilo decided to offer its app free of charge to all medical and supporting professions and institutions. Siilo for Desktop is also available free of charge.