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Doctolib Siilo’s familiar interface and healthcare-specific design make it the preferred app for over 970.000 professionals. Start securely coordinating patient care and discussing challenging cases on Doctolib Siilo today.

Trusted by renowned institutions across Europe

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Fast, direct communication with one easy-to-use app

Healthcare professionals and organisations often rely on slow, outdated technology to coordinate patient care, handle referrals, and exchange expertise. With Doctolib Siilo, instantly and securely discuss patients and protocols with colleagues and peers through rich media messaging or voice and video calling without interrupting workflows.

Patient data security guaranteed

Doctolib Siilo consistently meets the highest international security standards for data processing in healthcare. Beyond that, there is a suite of tools designed to help healthcare professionals further anonymise and protect any patient data exchanged.

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Siilo has great potential to control and manage major incidents. We’ve seen the benefits of WhatsApp in these situations, but with Siilo the benefits are even greater — it balances convenience, practicality, and compliance.”
Darren Lui, Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon at St. George’s University Hospitals

Siilo for Organisations

Sillo enables organisations and associations to communicate in a closed network. In the network, members can directly interact and discuss healthcare-related issues.

Use Doctolib Siilo as the primary messenger within your organisation and collaborate securely with each other through the network membership.

Discover how Doctolib Siilo can best fit your communication needs

Messenger App

A free, secure messenger app designed for individuals and teams in healthcare.

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Siilo for Desktop

A secure desktop messenger app for Doctolib Siilo members to collaborate from their desks.

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For Organisations

A solution for healthcare organisations and associations.

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