siilo messenger

A secure messaging solution

Free to download and easy to use, Siilo Messenger allows healthcare professionals to connect and communicate without risking patient data. Are you ready to transition to a compliant messenger?

Designed for healthcare professionals

  • Join the largest medical network in Europe.
    Access the knowledge of a quarter-million users, who have exchanged more than 300 million messages in eight different languages.
  • Instantly connect with colleagues.
    Message, call, and video chat to coordinate patient care with your teammates and consult with external colleagues in your network.
  • Protect patient privacy.
    Communicate with confidence, knowing that Siilo adheres to the following international security standards.
Herm Martens
Above everything else, Siilo is quick and safe, which are the most important factors for healthcare professionals to consider. It’s easy to use, and that means patients in a ward or in our care can be better served.”
Drs. Herm Martens, Dermatologist at Maastricht UMC

Teamwork is now secure and connected

Secure messaging

Exchange messages, photos, videos, and files with complete end-to-end encryption. Siilo is PIN code protected and shields your notifications to prevent messages from being read.

Voice & Video Calling

Connect in real time with your colleagues when texting is inconvenient. Make a voice or a video call directly from the chat screen, or call through a colleague’s profile.

Capture and store photos securely

All photos and videos taken through the Secure Camera or uploaded to Siilo are stored in the encrypted Siilo media library — not in your personal photo library.

Create a case

By creating a case in a chat, you can store all media and conversations about a specific patient together, separate from the rest of your chat. A case can also be easily exported as a PDF file for the EHR.

Edit photos

The​‘Edit’ function gives you two tools to edit photos: the Blur tool allows you to blur permanently anonymise parts of photos; and the Arrow tool draws a red arrow that points out specific details in the photo.

Siilo Medical Directory

Search for and connect with verified healthcare professionals on Siilo without the need for contact details. You can use names, field of expertise, location, or other profile items to make new connections.

Access Siilo on Desktop

For healthcare professionals working mostly on computers, sign on to the browser-based Siilo Web. Securely send messages and images to colleagues, download your Backup & Restore code, and export media and documents to add to your patient files.

Minimise compliance risks

Siilo is a compliant and secure medical messaging platform, built for security, protection, and ease-of-use. Our products are guaranteed to meet the highest standards around the world, compliant with the GDPR, E‑Privacy, the NHS information governance, DCB 0129, ICO, ISO 27001, and NEN 7510, 7512 & 7513.


Bring Siilo Messenger to your Organisation

If you’re looking to replace non-compliant messengers like WhatsApp, Siilo for Organisations is our service package to help you reach the goal of compliant communication. Build your foundational knowledge of Siilo to comfortably recommend it to staff independently, or leverage the experience and expertise of Team Siilo to support a full scale rollout and adoption plan for your organisation. We work with teams, clinics, departments, hospitals, associations, and regional networks to help employees comfortably transition onto Siilo. Schedule a call to learn more.