Siilo connect

Secure communication for organisations

Siilo Connect is designed to give organisations security and compliance features, as well as more control over the Siilo Messenger experience for its employees. To learn how you can empower staff with a compliant messaging platform, connect with one of our Siilo Specialists.

Orient your organisation around secure communication

  • Coordinate patient care with relevant people within and beyond institutional walls.
  • Keep all employees informed on critical updates and facilitate active discussions.
  • Track progress and usage through quarterly PDF reports to help encourage your organisation’s shift towards secure communication.

Our Security Credentials

Siilo provides every Connect client with a unique data processor agreement that outlines how Siilo handles the security of organisational data according to agreed-upon requirements. 

Siilo also guarantees that its security certifications and compliances are up-to-date, including GDPR (DSGVO/AGD), ISO 27001, HIPAA, NHS DSP Toolkit and Information Governance, DCB 0129, and NEN. Additional data protection measures include: end-to-end encryption, 30-day message deletion, PIN code protection, notification shielding, verification of all user identities, and more.

Michielvande Sande2
We have to be cautious with new applications that do not meet strict criteria to avoid leaking patient data. Siilo combines the usability of commercial messengers with features designed for healthcare and iron-clad security.”
Michiel van de Sande, Oncological Orthopaedic Surgeon at Leiden University Medical Centre

Oversee compliant collaboration across your entire organisation

Secure Messaging

Ensure your organisation members are communicating in compliance with security standards by providing an approved alternative messaging tool. Define and share guidelines for your staff to follow when they exchange messages, photos, videos, and files.

Member Management

Maintain an up-to-date, secure staff directory by working with your Siilo Specialist to add and remove members, allowing your staff to easily search for and start conversations with each other.

Broadcast Announcements

Send critical messages directly to the whole organisation, specific departments, or individual members to quickly inform your staff as new information arises, regardless of their location.

Adoption Tool Kit

Technology adoption in fast paced environments can be challenging. Get users onboard and compliant quickly with the adoption tool kit, which includes user guides, email templates, and promotional materials.

Customised Profile Fields

Define organisation-specific profile fields, such as department or working hours, to help members build robust profiles that improve discoverability in the Siilo Medical Directory.

Siilo Specialist

A dedicated Siilo Specialist will help you define clear organisational goals, get set up with best practices, keep you updated on new features, and support you and your team as needed.

Onboard your organisation to Siilo Connect

Dedicated Siilo Specialists are available to explain implementation, walk you through the product, provide training resources for your staff, and share best practices.