Regional networks

Connect across every level of healthcare

Information flows between healthcare professionals, policy makers, and researchers sometimes don’t move quickly enough. Siilo can be used to bring everybody together to address capacity problems, resource allocation, and dissemination of treatment protocols.

Bridge healthcare silos to improve patient care regionally.

Disseminate information quickly

Instantly reach healthcare professionals with time-sensitive information that is specific to their region and context.

Discuss response collaboratively

Create a digital meeting ground for all affected healthcare professionals to discuss and act in real time.

Securely coordinate patient care

Work with a solution that is simple and intuitive but designed to meet strict regulatory requirements.

Send mobile broadcasts

Broadcast time-sensitive messages to reach every healthcare professional in the network at the same time on their mobile devices. Frontline workers can respond with their on-the-ground experiences.

Facilitate group conversations

Create group chats to facilitate dialogues between public health officials, specialists, and healthcare professionals to ensure that regional policies can be clarified and refined in real-time.

Protect patient data

Ensure data security with a compliant, PIN Code-protected messenger that safeguards patient information while adhering to GDPR, ISO 27001, NHS governance standards, and more.

Centralise FAQs

Create a robust library of knowledge where professionals can ask and discuss questions regarding edge cases, receive feedback or advice, and share policy and protocol updates.

Gonneke Hermanides
The SARS-CoV‑2 pandemic requires optimal collaboration between primary and secondary care. By creating a regional network with Siilo, the specialists at Red Cross Hospital Beverwijk Netherlands are demonstrating leadership in sharing knowledge and expertise, even beyond hospital walls.”
Dr. Gonneke Hermanides, infectious disease specialist, Red Cross Hospital Beverwijk Netherlands

If you’re interested in establishing a regional network in your area, let’s chat.