The way we talk to each other is changing

Thanks to technology, we can bounce between synchronous means of communication, like pagers or phones, and asynchronous ones, such as fax and email. They both have their place, but in the clinical setting – a new category is rapidly gaining ground!

Messaging has stepped onto the field as an innovative solution to communication in healthcare. 💬

Why messaging now?

Messengers are here to stay. No getting away from that. They’re part of our personal lives and used at our jobs to make work easier. Clinicians don’t seem interested in getting rid of them, and the decisions made thanks to messengers are faster and better than those without.

Organisations and professionals must look for safe, secure alternatives to the WhatsApps of the world in order to empower their workforce and keep their patients safe. 💪💪

Proven value

Clinicians have noticed the value of messaging themselves. Reports and studies about messaging published in medical journals have jumped over the past three years as messaging becomes more common at work. They’ve all come up with the same two major benefits:

  • Short time-to-decision: decisions made through messaging take half the time than those made via phone or pager 📱
  • Better-quality decisions: data exchanged via messaging is richer and easier to send ✨

Siilo Connect creates a secure communication platform within your organisation network

You can manage and control mobile messaging for your members, integrate Siilo into your current member management system and improve collaboration inside and outside your organisation. If you’re looking for a seamless transition from silos to collaboration, Connect is your solution.

Organisational network

You can easily find doctors, nurses, employees and teams within your organisational network. You can coordinate patient care quickly and location-independent. You will never have to search for telephone numbers or be on hold at the exchange because all organisation members will be in one tidy directory! 🌐


We establish a processing agreement between the organisation and Siilo to determine the processing of personal data. In doing so, your organisation will be operating in compliance with the GDPR standards. This also allows you to produce ad hoc reports through the Connect management tool on how Siilo is used by your members. 🇪🇺

Management tool

Gain insights into how members are interacting on the Connect platform: view member statistics, set security policies, and broadcast messages across the entire organisation, all from one convenient place. Check out our set-up videos to see how administrators can get the best use out of the management tool:


With the help of tiles’, the organisation can offer information and services to all its members in tidy bundles. Workspaces are only visible to organisation members. We’ve built them into the Spaces’ tab of the Siilo app to make sure they don’t interfere with direction communications taking place in the Chat’ tab. ⏹️

Siilo Connect can integrate with your existing systems and increase efficiency in your organisation

Make use of our knowledge and experience to make messaging compliant in your organisation. We walk you through every step of the implementation process, from gaining familiarity with the Connect interface to training employees to use Siilo Messenger for their daily communications. Let’s find out how we can work together.