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MedTech Innovation: A Key Part of NHS Long Term Plan

– With technology accelerating rapidly, it can be easy to get seduced by the new shiny gadgets on the market and lose sight of the fundamental problems that need solving in healthcare today.

Pull the Plug on Your Fax Machine in 3 Simple Steps

– In an article this week, NHS Told to Ditch 'Absurd' Fax Machines, the BBC found out that over 9000 fax machines were still in operation in the NHS. By March 2020 the NHS has promised to be ‘fax free’ and has already banned NHS organizations from buying fax machines. With more attention paid to cyber security and patient confidentiality, the discussion of whether these old-fashioned communication machines should still be in operation has gained a lot of criticism. Instead of blind criticism, Siilo investigated the reasons why the fax machine isn’t dead and why behind these labels of ‘absurdity’, the fax machine actually represents something a lot more important to healthcare than meets the eye.

Why NHS Guidelines on Mobile Messengers are Flawed

– Joost Bruggeman, CEO of Siilo, discusses the limitations of the recent guidelines in regulating the use of mobile messengers in the NHS

Secure by Design: A Case study

– ​One of the tenants of the recently enacted GDPR is the notion that systems which hold sensitive information should be "Secure by Design". What does that mean? And how should it impact the way you do your job as a healthcare worker? To answer that; Keith Banks, our American (not!) Software Architect, let's us analyse how a certain planet destroying, space station the size of small moon could have benefited for the application of security by design.

Siilo in a Nutshell

– ​Here at Siilo we have a purpose. Our team of software devs are going to change the way healthcare teams communicate. In this blogpost, Tom Farquharson, our British Biz Dev Intern, shares them here with you.

Europe’s Largest and Fastest Growing Healthcare Messenger Surpasses 70,000 Members

– Siilo is growing really fast and that does not go unrecognised!

Checklist GDPR Compliance for Healthcare Messaging Apps

– This checklist will help you confidently pick a secure, fit-for-purpose messenger app in your daily practice or healthcare organisation.

WhatsApp doc: Legal and practical perspectives of using mobile messaging

– With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in Spring 2018, we urge clinicians, trusts and IT leads to actively research and test for the most appropriate alternative for WhatsApp by seeking a tailor-made service for their profession.

Hillary and the divide

– “Everything I did was permitted. There was no law. There was no regulation. There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate.”

WhatsApp in healthcare: what’s up with end-to-end encryption?

– Can healthcare professionals use WhatsApp now that we have end-to-end encryption?

Security is about affection

– Strong security is only as strong as the weakest link. So our security policy is based on the following three main pillars.

Information vs. knowledge

– Ever since its beginning, medicine has been a mobile profession considering the art of house calls. But when you look at mobile technology and physicians, you notice that there is something special going on there.

Preventive medicine

– When it comes down to BYOD and use your smartphone as a tool in clinical practice, it is very likely that nobody has taught you how to BYOD lege artis. And just like our regular tools, one important pillar to BYOD responsibly, is hygiene.