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10 Ways Siilo Keeps Your Patient Data Secure and Compliant

Over 300.000 medical professionals rely on Siilo to securely exchange patient information, images, and more with our web and mobile app. Security is the backbone of Siilo’s features, and users can trust that all data exchanged on the platform will be kept safe.

With the increasing prevalence of commercial messenger apps in clinical settings, it’s more important than ever to keep patient data safe when communicating. That’s why we hold our app and our processes to the highest standards in healthcare. 

Here are 10 key security and compliance features that make our app ideal for clinical use.

Compliance & Certifications
Our processes and app are guaranteed to meet the highest security standards in healthcare. Siilo is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and follows rules laid down by NHS DSP Toolkit and Information Governance. In addition, whenever you register on Siilo, you automatically sign a processor agreement as part of our Terms & Services that allows you to share patient information on the app with colleagues according to the GDPR guidelines. Our certificates can be shared upon request, as well as our most recent data protection impact assessment report.

In addition, our servers are located in Dublin, Ireland and Frankfurt, Germany, ensuring that your data is protected by EU law. They are independent of any hospital, medical association, or care facility, allowing Siilo to run parallel to your organisation systems but unaffected in the case of power outages or data attacks. The Siilo servers and app are regularly pen-tested, the results of which can be shared upon request.

End-to-end Encryption
Data privacy is guaranteed through end-to-end encryption. Data exchanged is protected throughout the chat process, encrypted when you send it and decrypted when it arrives with the receiver. This means that no third parties are able to access messages, photos, videos, or files that users exchange on Siilo. Video and voice calls made over Siilo are also end-to-end encrypted.

User Verification
Trust that every contact you make is who they say they are thanks to Siilo’s verification process. A green check mark indicates that a user’s identity has been confirmed by Siilo, and a blue shield indicates that the user’s medical registration number has been verified. If your status in Siilo is unverified, you can begin the verification process by getting in touch with Team Siilo via chat.

Automatic Message Deletion
Messages sent on Siilo are ephemeral, meaning they will automatically be deleted after 30 days, unless explicitly kept. If your phone is lost or stolen, Siilo’s remote wipe functionality allows you to delete all data still present on the app.

Secure Camera and Photos and Files
The Secure Camera tool allows users to take photos and videos that are directly stored within Photos and Files, a separate media library located within the Siilo app itself. This ensures that sensitive media with patient information does not end up in personal services such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can also upload images, videos, or files into Siilo from your mobile or desktop to be shared securely with colleagues!

Mandatory Passcode
When installing Siilo, users are required to create a 5‑digit PIN code. This is an extra layer of protection for Siilo’s data. The app requires a PIN code that is non-sequential and non-repetitive for increased security against non-users. After creating a PIN code, fingerprint or facial recognition can also be activated to access the app.

Backup & Restore
The Siilo Backup & Restore code is a unique sequence of letters and numbers generated for you upon registration. It allows you to preserve and recover your data in the event of a lost or updated device. Siilo only restores account data once there is a confirmed match between the Backup & Restore code and your account. The code can be downloaded from Siilo Web and kept in a secure place for safe keeping.

Anonymisation Tools
Siilo provides two photo-editing tools for protecting patient information and improving clinical discussion: the Blur tool, which allows you to blur permanently anonymise parts of photos; and the Arrow tool, which draws a red arrow that points out specific details in the photo.

Privacy Screen & Automatic Log Out
When using Siilo Web, the in-browser version of our app, your conversations are shielded from view with an automatic privacy screen. After 60 seconds of inactivity, your Siilo Web account will be hidden from view behind a privacy screen. You will be automatically logged out of Siilo Web after 6 hours. Getting back into Siilo Web requires scanning your unique QR code with the Siilo app.

Censor Your Notifications
Protect your messages by choosing your notification settings. Users have two ways to display messages:​“Private”, where you only see that a new message has arrived; or,​“Convenient”, where you get a preview of the message. You can update your preference at any time from Settings.

To learn more about Siilo’s unique security features and compliance standards, visit our Security page or message Team Siilo directly from the app. We’re always happy to explain how we keep your data safe!