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Dublin Dental University Hospital joins Siilo

Dublin Dental University Hospital has joined our international healthcare community. The Dublin Dental University Hospital is the major dental teaching hospital in Ireland, undertaking the training of postgraduate and undergraduate dental students, student dental nurses, dental technicians and dental hygienists.

Staff member and dentist Grace McClintock outlines why DDUH chose Siilo: I think Siilo is an essential app for all dentists. As a junior staff member, I find it particularly useful for remotely consulting with senior staff to get advice or a second opinion when needed for clinical decision making. Using Siilo I can securely send patient information, such as their medical history, photos or radiographs, to a colleague instantaneously – giving them the fullest clinical picture, so that they can give me the best advice.

I am grateful that the app does not save any of this data to my phone, meaning worrying about patient data security breaches is a thing of the past, without compromising my ability to communicate with my team and facilitate patient care.”

About Dublin Dental University Hospital
DDUH is a centre of excellence in the delivery of dental care to patients and the primary supplier of dental education in Ireland. The Hospital has developed research capacity in recent years and participates in interdisciplinary research projects and industrial collaborations with real potential for health gain. In all, a dental team of around 250 staff work in the hospital.