Reach all staff with internal news

Communications departments at hospitals need a way to reach all staff with internal updates. It is difficult to timely reach medical professionals who do not have desktop access. Learn how our mobile messenger can be used as an internal communications platform. 

Create mobile bulletin boards

Make news and announcements easily accessible in one location by digitising your bulletin boards. Customize the tiles in your bulletin board to share information by topic.

Broadcast updates

Broadcast important messages with attachments to an entire team or department from the official organisation account, ensuring that your members are always up-to-date when they need to be.

Offer your staff an interactive forum

Create collaborative spaces for staff to easily post and comment on relevant topics. Give them an open space to ask questions and share ideas to promote a participatory culture.

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We can upload information directly where everyone can find it, and doctors or nurses can respond to it in real time, like answering any other text message.”
Steffen Ellerhoff, Manager of Communications Department at KRH, spokesman for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kommunaler Krankenhäuser e.V. (AKG)