Break down communication barriers and keep patient data secure

Healthcare professionals are faced with an increasingly siloed healthcare system and outdated methods of communication. Siilo Messenger allows for easy and secure collaboration between colleagues both inside and outside of their organisations, increasing team productivity and improving patient care.

Reduce time-to-decision while staying compliant in your communication.

Connect instantly with colleagues

Stay in contact with your team or reach out to colleagues at other institutions via the verified Siilo member database

Coordinate and collaborate on patient care

Chat one-on-one or in groups about patient cases, rosters, and more while keeping data protected.

Protect patient data and privacy

Exchange messages in complete compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, NHS, HIPAA, and more standards.

Secure messaging

Facilitate individual or group chats with relevant colleagues in your network to stay informed on patient-centred care.

Photo editing

Edit photos to guarantee patient anonymity with the Blur tool, or point out important details with the Arrow tool.

Voice & Video calling

Connect one-on-one with your colleagues through voice or video calling when texting is inconvenient.

Intuitive mobile design

From download to first message sent, Siilo is as easy to use as any commercial messenger with a familiar interface for mobile and web.

Buurtzorg Petra van Dijk Portrait
We used to just send an email, but that’s no longer allowed. Then came a secure emailing system. That’s safe, but you have to log in again all the time. That takes the speed out of it. Sending messages back and forth with Siilo is easy and you get a quick response.”
Petra van Dijk, home health nurse at Buurtzorg in Oosterbeek

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