End2End Siilo

End-to-end encryption

Only you and the receiver(s) can read the message

Siilo applies proven open source end-to-end encryption and forward secrecy on the transcript layer. Also in group chats of 300+ participants. Please read our Security Whitepaper for details, as end-to-end encryption is only one part of our security.

Security of data at rest

Only you should access your data

Siilo prevents others from accessing the data on your phone through:
1. PIN-code access, or fingerprint access
2. Remote wipe of your data when your phone is lost or stolen
3. Auto-deletion of the data on your phone after 30 days
4. Immediate deletion of messages from our servers upon delivery

Sleutel S

Anonymization and Arrow Tool

You can protect your patients' identity

Siilo has a tool to blur a face, a tattoo, or a name and date of birth. Please read our Legal Whitepaper to find out when you have to anonymize an image, and what you should do when this is impossible, for instance due to the nature of the problem.

Legal Whitepaper

Professional Profile

Your professional identity

Siilo has a professional profile page, because:
1. You will be easier to spot with your profile picture
2. Colleagues can see what your (level of) expertise is
3. You are speeding up the verification process

A Profile Siilo