Teams Beta

We want to improve the way healthcare teams communicate. Therefore, we’ve created a new Teams functionality, where teams can exchange cases and act on them according to individual availability and expertise. We believe this shared inbox style of communicating will help teams provide quicker responses to cases, no matter who’s on shift.

As the next step in our user research process, we are making this functionality available for a limited time for a limited set of users. If you’re interested in joining our beta program, read the FAQs below and contact Marco Ferraz directly via Siilo.

🔽 What is a beta program?

To confirm that the Teams functionality actually addresses user challenges, we’re running a limited beta program. As a part of the beta program the functionality outlined below will be made available to a subset of our users with the intention to validate and gather feedback.

🔽 What are the benefits of participating in the beta?

As a participant, you and your team will be directly connected with your partner team(s) for the purpose of only sharing patient cases. You have an overview of the Cases that have been exchanged.

Your team and your partner team will be given access to the experimental Cases tab, where you can find: 

Team Inbox: Any cases that a partner team shares with your team will appear here. You and anyone else from your team can view and respond to these cases based on availability and expertise. Only your team and your partner team(s) will have access to shared team cases. Within each case, you will always be able to see the members of the team(s) who have access to it.

Create a Case: Build and share your patient case with a partner team here, including all relevant details that will help your partner team provide accurate advice and care per the patient’s situation.

Your Cases: Any case that you’re involved in can be found here, so you can keep track of what cases you’ve made and the responses your partner team have provided. You will still be able to export your cases as PDFs for use in patient records. They will appear in your Photos and Files in Siilo, as usual, and will be accessible even after the beta program is over.

🔽 What is the difference between using the Teams beta and a group chat?

The primary difference between sharing cases in a group chat and sharing cases in the Teams beta is that a group chat’s cases often get lost in the flow of conversation, making them difficult to keep track of and access.

The Teams beta provides a Team Inbox where all cases your team shares and receives are kept in one place, allowing for easy overview and timely action.

🔽 What is expected of me as a beta participant?

Post Cases: Use the beta build! It might seem obvious, but we need you to be using the Teams beta for us to gather feedback and iterate changes. 

Provide Feedback: You and your team will have access to a Beta Group in Siilo, where you can submit your feedback, ask questions, and raise issues within the beta program. Please be aware that you may encounter bugs or glitches because the beta is actively being built and changed as you use it. Your consistent feedback will allow us to introduce improvements faster.

Complete a Survey: At the end of the beta program, we will ask all participants to fill out a survey about their experiences. Results will be reported back to you.

Participate in calls: You may be asked to take a call with our user researcher, Samuel Credgington, about your experience with the Teams beta.

🔽 Who has access to the beta?

Siilo will provide access exclusively to users who agree to participate in the program. Only those individuals who are part of a sanctioned team will have access to the Teams beta. If you start receiving cases from a team that is not your partner team, please inform Marco Ferraz immediately.

🔽 If I have questions or comments, who can I contact?

For any questions on the beta program, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Marco Ferraz via Siilo.