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Presseinformation zum Launch von AGIK.Connect (DE)

We are proud to announce that the German Society of Cardiology (AGIK) has chosen Siilo Connect as their means of organisational communication! Die Arbeitsgruppe Interventionelle Kardiologie (AGIK) nutzt ab sofort Siilo als datensichere Kommunikationsplattform.
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Legal white paper - NL

Deze white paper is geschreven voor Nederlandse medische professionals èn patiënten. Het is tot stand gekomen door een samenwerking met Versteeg Wigman Sprey Advocaten uit Amsterdam.
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Legal white paper - UK

A legal white paper produced for British professionals. This white paper is the result of a collaboration with Mission de Reya, a British law firm.
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Security white paper

This is a white paper for security- and information technologists. We explain the protocols and technologies used for the mobile apps and have included our threat model.
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GDPR - Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

This DPIA is to help you understand how Siilo is handling personal information. In this document, we hope to explain in detail what, how and why we process certain information, what risks are involved with that and how we make sure that risks are avoided, minimized and properly managed.
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Veilig appen doe je zo

Appen is een snelle en makkelijke manier om informatie over patiënten te delen. Maar hoe zorg je ervoor dat dat correct gebeurt? Joost Bruggeman en Sjaak Nouwt zetten de regels op een rij.
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Digitale Patientendaten und Endgeräte.

Mit dem hohen Nutzungskomfort von Diensten wie WhatsApp geht ein extrem hohes daten- schutzrechtliches Risiko einher. Wer solche Dienste nutzt, büßt die alleinige Verfügungsgewalt über die Daten ein, da diese au- ßerhalb der eigene Kontrolle gespeichert und verarbeitet wer- den.
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WhatsApp Doc?

Healthcare staff who are trying to increase their productivity, and support staff who are trying to use technology to take the best possible care of their patients default to WhatsApp. Security and data protection is likely to be the driving concern for executives of health organisations. The authors argue that a pragmatic balance should be sought.
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GDPR - Processor Agreement

A GDPR compliant processor agreement between Siilo and her users. This processor agreement was updated May 24th 2018. You can download and share this with your colleagues.
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